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First of all, we thank parents for entrusting us the most important thing of their lives: their children.

How do we honor that responsibility? By being part of their family, caring and loving their children.

What do we do? We get to know the families and look for the best nanny profile that suits their needs, schedules and requirements. We supervise her 24/7, planning activities and contents, also we provide diversified personalities of caretakers upon different families. We have weekly pedagogical feedback with parents to accompany the growth of their children and change what is necessary according to what the family needs.

How we find babysitters? We have a specialized team in the selection of babysitters for families.

We carry out a scrupulous selection process that ensures that the profiles of the babysitters fit with our philosophy and corporate values.

Our babysitters have studies and courses in childhood education, first aid and also a clean background. We have a weekly meeting with all the staff, where specialists in different areas visit us to have a 90 minutes training on important topics for the job.

Nanny hiring process  “oculto”

– We carry out a scrupulous selection process that guarantees that the profiles of the babysitters fit with our philosophy and our corporate values.
– The preferred profiles are university students or recent graduates, with knowledge of one or more languages and who like to be with children.
– We believe it is important that the person has a special sensitivity for dealing with children, as this makes the experience much more enriching for both parties.
– We have the units for this business are the full service baby sitter, which can hire different modalities, the service of transportation to school and activities for the children, and classes and workshops that we give ourselves for the children and family (sports, dance, art workshops, etc.).
– Verification of credentials.
– We believe it is essential to check the background and references of the people we work with. Therefore, when hiring our nannies we carry out a process of verification of their personal information and references of professional experiences.


We offer special classes and workshops: taekwondo, art, dance, swimming, piano, tennis, soccer, etc.

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Our Babysitters have undergraduate education and can help children with their homework, their difficulties and challenges.


We know that safety and welfare is the most important aspect of child care. That is why we will be in constant contact with parents, sending them comments and photos of the children.

we provide services 24/7/365

We speak Spanish

The Babysitting & Nanny Service
We speak Spanish

We have a Latin staff that speaks Spanish perfectly. Spanish became a language worth keeping in the family tradition or being acquired as a new added value.


The Babysitting & Nanny Service
Transportation for children

Daily, weekly, monthly, one-way and round-trip prearranged customized Schedules Service Includes:

  • Door to door pickup/drop-off
  • GPS tracking devices in all vehicles
  • Professionally-trained and responsible drivers over age 30
  • Clean and well maintenanced SUVS serviced by dealer
  • Electronic notification to parents upon delivery of children

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Babysitting & Nanny Service

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We know that your children are the most important thing in the world!


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